Raised Garden Bed

Sitting in the library, taking a break from scoring IQ test. It’s actually a lot less fun than it sounds ;). These pictures have been patiently waiting to be posted for a few days now, as it was a project I worked on over the weekend. This past weekend my friend Josiah drove up from WV to meet the Madison gang. I took advantage of his ability to carry large bags of dirt up three flights of stairs….something i’m not proud of. But together we made a raised garden bed, which my veggies have really been needing! I have been sketching what my garden bed would look like, and it was a pretty straightforward build:

1. 2 x 4 feet in diameter. 1 foot deep. Five 1.5 foot tall legs.

2. Make sure you don’t use treated wood, because you don’t want chemicals getting into your food (and belly!). Also use outdoor screws.

3. So first we drilled the sides together.



4. Then we attached the bottom to the sides


5. Then we screwed the legs onto the bottom



6. Next I drilled a bunch of holes in the bottom so that I could have good drainage. But I don’t have a picture of that, so i’ll just show you a picture of me demonstrating how strong the garden bed was.



And here are my happy little veggies now. I’ve got kale, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, and chives currently in there. Fun, fun, fun. And yes, my back porch is weirdly sloped. Let me know if you have any questions about building one!

raisedbed5 raisedbed6 raisedbed7






$5.00 Raw wood shelf? Yes please.

Do you ever just have epiphanies about the sort of person you’re becoming? Last Saturday I was in Home Depot, and I realized, “Oh my gosh, i’m totally turning into my parents.” Growing up, Saturday projects were their thing, building chicken coops, clearing brush, gardening.  And there I was, in Home Depot, on the hunt for materials for a raw wood shelf.  I love the look (and smell!) of raw wood, and more industrial furniture. So for this shelf I bought 2 brackets, screws, and a 6 foot piece of wood. Using a stud finder, level, and measuring tape I figured out where to put my brackets, then screwed those bad boys in, and then screwed the wood into brackets.

shelf shelf1 shelf shelf2


I’m ridiculously pleased with the look of it, and it took only about 20 minutes. I’m slowly dipping my toes into the process of building with power tools (AMERICA!). So you get to follow me in the process of figuring out how to make things!


Happy Saturday,




a little baby green thumb

This Saturday has been my jam. Pharrell’s song “Happy” played 4 (yes, 4!) times when I was driving today. It’s in the fifties with a cloudless sky. This morning I stumbled upon a beautiful greenhouse that wasn’t open yet (few more weeks), but the owners were there and they let me meander through endless rows of plants. It was glorious. And the badgers are in the final 4. Really, what more could you want out of life?


But down to business. Last summer I tried my hand at container gardening. And I completely wung (winged?) it. Not too successful, so this time around i’m applying a little more discipline. I read two books on container gardening, and i’m following the rules this time.  So this is a post about learning to garden. completely beginner style, since that’s where i’m at.

Mini greenhouse


First of all, you gotta start small. So I bought this itty bitty green house, that contains dirt pellets. You soak the dirt pellets till they’re nice and moist, then drain the water.  You put 1-2 seeds in eachpellet. I drew a chart to help me remember what’s what once they’re big enough to transplant. Cover those puppies up, and let them sit in for 5-6 weeks, making sure they have ample light and moisture, of course. Fingers crossed that in 5-6 weeks I’ll have a post about transplanting these guys outside. If not, you’ll know they didn’t make it ;). That leads me to my final step: buy a few veggies that have already matured a bit, to double your odds of success :).

seed selecting


I’m sitting at my desk writing this, and I can’t stop glancing over at my window sill. It’s seriously the cutest, happiest window sill ever.


Hope you’re having a happy, projecty Saturday!



Driftwood DIY

I know I say this about every craft that I post, but seriously, easiest project ever. I found this wee piece of driftwood earlier this summer while out in nature. And I  brought it back and kept it with me for the past few months (that’s normal, right?). I love finding pieces of nature that I can incorporate into projects. I finally decided that hanging my (few) necklaces off of my bookshelf wasn’t cutting it. I don’t have much jewelry, so this is perfect for the few items that I wear consistently. Pins, string, nail, driftwood. Done. IMG_20131108_172215 IMG_20131108_172423
IMG_20131108_172119 IMG_20131108_172507

Have a lovely Saturday, friends,



Miniature Herb Garden

herb garden herb garden 2 herb garden 1

It’s the time of the year to bring the plants indoors (atleast in Wisconsin). After setting up my grow light, I decided to complete a very easy project that i’ve had in the back of my mind. I bought this big metal tub from A.C. Moore a while ago, and have been storing bags in it, but always thought it would make a great multi-plant pot. So on this rainy Sunday, I headed to a green house and bought oregano and thyme. My basil has been growing immensely for a while now. Rocks in the bottom for drainage. Potting soil. Plants. The hammered spoon is from a project awhile ago. I really enjoy looking for ways to repurpose, rearrange, and reinvent uses for things in my house.




Ombre All Day.

CAM00202I’ve had this project in my back pocket for a while. It’s kind of been daunting to permanently dye something, for some reason. Haha. So I had a canvas tote, 6 canvas napkins, and 2 kitchen towels. CAM00203CAM00204Boiled the water. Added the salt. AKA followed instructions on the dye boxes, EXCEPT, I only added half the dye for the first brief soak. I put the fabric in 2/3 of the way, let it soak. Took it out, rinsed it with cool water. Then stirred in the rest of the dye and put the fabric in only 1/2 way. So as to get the ombre look. CAM00207CAM00211

They’re currently drying on my back porch.


For the tote I dipped the bottom purple and the top navy, leaving a little gap in the middle. I dig it.



Whimsical ribbon hoop


I have always been enchanted by canopies and dreamy bedroom decorations.  Yesterday was rainy, and my brain was tired of reading. So I purchased a giant cross stitching hoop from Michaels, along with ribbon. I wrapped the hoop in some extra black and white fabric that I had, then fabric glued the lace and ribbon onto the hoop. I hung the hoop using string and a hook. Super easy, and only about $15.00.



It’s dreamy. And I like it.