Creativity isn’t limited to how well we can remake the pillowcases we’ve seen on pinterest. Being “creative” isn’t a gift given to a select few talented people. I’ve been thinking about the concept of being a “maker” lately, and  here’s what i’ve surmised:

Creativity is thoughtful.

To be creative is to live a life of intention. In life, we can choose to live out of habit. We can choose to spend our time, money, and resources based on the norm. Or we can choose to think critically about the lives we want to shape. Do I truly want to chase the American Dream, or do I want to sculpt a life that is different? As a graduate student, I constantly have to decide where I am going to place my focus. What sort of life am I shaping? Are grades going to be the bottom line for me, or will I construct a life that isn’t centered solely on getting a Ph.D.?

To be creative is to think well. To be creative is to wonder why we are composing the lives that we are.

Creativity is courageous.

To be creative is to be bold. When someone creates, whether it be in the way they parent, build relationships, spend their money,  they are choosing to do things differently. To create is to be vulnerable. On the small scale, whether it be sewing mistakes (which i’m awesome at), or turning down a job because it doesn’t align with the life you want to build, creativity can be hard. Creativity can be lonely. Failure is so common when we break the rules of what is a mundane life.


Creativity is freeing.

To be creative is to shed standards that don’t matter. When we decide how we want to craft our lives, we get to be free from habits and ideas that are irrelevant to us. For example, i’m pretty dirt broke currently (yay for graduate school). But being wealthy, either now or in the future, isn’t important in the life that I want to create. So over time, the more that I sculpt a life that isn’t centered on being rich, the more I get to step away from that idea being a part of my story.


I have no idea if this post makes any sense to anyone but me. But sometimes I just write for the sake of sorting things out in my mind. And if it does make sense, I hope you think about the life that you are creating. And I hope that you have the bravery to chase that creativity.





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