living in crocus season

In February I genuinely believed that I would never see grass again. The snow had been on the ground for about 4 months, and I just didn’t think it would ever be gone.  Everyone from Madison told me that this was the worst winter in their experience. Which is good because any Wisconsin Winter from here on out should be relatively easy. But we’ve had more below zero days in Madison than have happened in decades.

And here it is, April 20th, and I can see the grass.

Granted, it snowed twice this week, but it’s in the mid 60s right now.  During my 5 hour drive to Iowa this weekend, I listened to a podcast on faith. The pastor talked about living in Madison during the winter. About how the cold weather is, and how it is one of the most life sucking, monotonous seasons. The speaker noted that the crocuses are always the first flower to bloom. And there is a time in Spring, where the crocuses are in bloom, but the snow will still fall on them. And that time, with snowy crocuses, is where we are living in 2014.

You see, we’re in limbo. Jesus has died, and is resurrected, and we can see the evidence of him (and of hope) everywhere. But we’re still living in a broken world. And this state of living in a season where there’s snow, but there’s enough evidence of summer and warmth to put on our flip flops on. To trust in something bigger, to trust that winter doesn’t last forever, but that summer is promised. Those snowy crocuses, which give us the evidence that God is faithful should inspire us to live wearing tank tops, and eating ice cream out of cones, and putting on our sunglasses.


Happy Easter, dear friends.




p.s. to listen to the sermon, click here:


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