My corner of the world.

The top floor and back corner of a three story (old) house. One block from the lake, two minute walk from Wisconsin’s state Capitol. Red carpet, with a view of the tippy-top of the Capitol all lit up out of my window at night. That’s where my corner of the world located for now. Today the wind was whipping like crazy and I was feeling a little under the weather, so  I didn’t think it was fitting to leave my third floor perch.  Instead I went into “full on” productivity mode.  I did a good amount of cleaning, and since i’ve changed my room around a lot lately, I figured I would share the new look with you. Last semester everything was black and white, this semester it’s more of a vintage country look. I made the quilt over Christmas break, and that basically lead to a complete remake of the feel of my little room. So there are now both chicken wire and vintage seed bags occupying my room. That’s normal, right?

DSC08090Chicken wire photo displayDSC08099

Good night, world.




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