IMG_20131102_171729 IMG_20130913_173624 IMG_20131217_222510 IMG_20131214_141856 (1) IMG_20131121_182652 IMG_20131128_105600 IMG_20131214_141856 IMG_20131102_171729 IMG_20130913_173624 IMG_20130922_135736Midway through this year I starting keeping a log of some of the many gifts i’ve been given. I reread through them today, and pulled out some of my favorites. 2013 was good. It was hard. But it was good.

58. “Rach, can we work on a project?” little Day boys who love to create.

105. Sarah and Jeth, such a wonderful couple. Where the Lord will take them!

163. Cribbage with dad.

171. Enough confidence to make my own decisions. Even when they are not popular ones.

201. Time to read a book!

216. Siblings who text me

220. My own mailbox and key, so professional!

242. Learning to trust, bit by bit

280. Barns

286. Square dancing, duh.

293. Realizing that I have a lot of room to grow as a teacher

301. So many people to have skype dates with. So happy.

302. Doing assessments in school! Loving on kiddos!

303. Helping a little girl count to 100 for the first time 🙂

304. A cupcake gift.

324. Black and white stripes

333. Farmers market walking with Grandma. Goodness, I loved that morning!

354. The mason jars in my trunk that are waiting to be decorated

363. Sisters. Only one of God’s greatest inventions.

364. A day for watching pride and prejudice.

365. Stocking up on tea, for the winter season.

387. The deep love of Jesus, may I never lose sight of it.

393. A package from Kate. And I feel like our relationship is growing. And I really like that.

397. A funny bus driver who makes Sam and my mornings on Tues/Wed

This is happy. I can’t wait to experience 2014.