$15 Food Challenge

Big sister Sarah and I earned the worst sisters of the Semester award by not having chatted with each other since I moved until last weekend. Whoops! Marriage, work, and graduate school apparently keep us busy! We finally had a wonderful 2 hour chat which left my heart very full and my mind buzzing with ideas. One of those ideas was a food challenge. Sarah (and Jeth) and I are both living on a graduate student sized budget, but we also enjoy eating well.  Sarah is the master menu planner, and has been feeding herself and husband for $40 per week, but is challenging herself to cut down to $20 a week (mad impressive if you ask me!). She challenged me to eat of off $15 per week. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.



Here are the goods. I bought the peppers, kale, and lettuce at the farmers market this a.m. ($4.00 all together). Zucchini, bananas, milk, cous cous from the grocery store (5.00 total).  A few other grocery store purchases (yogurt and apples) not pictured, as well as the chicken that’s in my freezer.

I can’t guarantee that i’m at $15.00 on the dot, since i’m using a few ingredients that are all already at my apartment.  But i’m definitely in that range! Breakfast will be yogurt, bananas, and muffins (from my grandma) and lunch will be left overs from dinner, because that’s what happens when you’re a graduate student who cooks for herself. Haha.



Sauteeing the veggies for cous cous


                                                                              So. Much. Kale. What do you do with your kale?



Saturday: Cheesy potato soup

Sunday: Chicken and veggie (zucchini, kale, red pepper) cous cous

Monday: Chicken caesar salad

Tuesday: Zucchini fries and chicken

Wednesday: Veggie (sauteed peppers), lettuce, goat cheese wrap

Thursday: Cheesy potato soup

Friday: Veggie quesadilla and salad


Also, check out Sarah’s blog to track her menu challenge: (http://littlehousebliss.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/the-20-a-week-challenge/)


Shouuuuld be fun! Do you have any inexpensive and nutritious go-to recipes?



2 thoughts on “$15 Food Challenge

  1. I’m so jealous of your farmers market prices! You’re doing way better on buying lots of veggies than we are – something for me to work on next week, I guess 🙂

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