Cohort Camping

Self care. It’s basically a fancy way of saying “make sure you maintain sanity while in graduate school so you’re not miserable and drop-out.” It’s been reinforced to us school psychers since day one. Fortunately, when you have a cohort who make you cry because you’re laughing too hard… class (you know who you are), self-care really isn’t too much of an issue. Even so, i’ve been rocking a lot of 12 hour days on campus lately, only to come home to statistics, or papers to grade. Which is to be expected, but a few of us decided to get the heck out of Madison for the weekend, while the weather is still nice tolerable. Apparently I went to Devil’s Lake as a kid. Definitely don’t remember it at all. Here are a few pictures from the weekend!


IMG_20131026_132254 IMG_20131026_132606 IMG_20131026_132502 IMG_20131026_105400 IMG_20131026_132753

IMG_20131026_132903Happy Fall weekend! Not really sure where October went?




2 thoughts on “Cohort Camping

  1. ohmygosh how are you old enough to be GRADING PAPERS. WHERE HAS MY YOUTH GONE.

    😛 i mean, that sounds like an awesome trip.

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