A transformed lens.

Snippets from my journal yesterday:


Lord, this true understanding of transformation is new to me. Of being in the world, but not of it. Of setting my mind on things above. Of continuing to study and earn a degree, work and become financially stable, to build friendships, all the while with only one thing mattering.  To truly know you and make you known. In the midst of career choices, bad grades, sickness, successes, and moving, marriages, debt, and a multitude of other decisions, still this one thing matters. To know you and make you known, today. 

It makes life so beautiful. Because you are found in all things. And our purpose is found in all things.  In transitions, and ordinary days, and struggles, you are to be known (and praised).  With the right lens, you cannot be missed.

Lord, i’m unbelievably horrible at daily walking in the gracious though that to joyfully know & make you known is my prize. Transform my lens. Help all of my “successes” and “failures” blend into a gray. And make vibrant in my eyes my life’s work: knowing and proclaiming the depths of your love. 


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