Ombre All Day.

CAM00202I’ve had this project in my back pocket for a while. It’s kind of been daunting to permanently dye something, for some reason. Haha. So I had a canvas tote, 6 canvas napkins, and 2 kitchen towels. CAM00203CAM00204Boiled the water. Added the salt. AKA followed instructions on the dye boxes, EXCEPT, I only added half the dye for the first brief soak. I put the fabric in 2/3 of the way, let it soak. Took it out, rinsed it with cool water. Then stirred in the rest of the dye and put the fabric in only 1/2 way. So as to get the ombre look. CAM00207CAM00211

They’re currently drying on my back porch.


For the tote I dipped the bottom purple and the top navy, leaving a little gap in the middle. I dig it.




Everyone needs an elephant pencil holder…right?

Yeah, a little quirky. But also awesome.

1.$1.00 plastic animals. Walmart.


2.Cut off the top for a planter. Top and bottom for a pencil holder.


CYMERA_20130928_183404 (1)


4. Done. What.

Also, you could do so many cute things with this, like a toothbrush holder for kiddos, or a paintbrush holder.

Happy rainy Saturday!




Whimsical ribbon hoop


I have always been enchanted by canopies and dreamy bedroom decorations.  Yesterday was rainy, and my brain was tired of reading. So I purchased a giant cross stitching hoop from Michaels, along with ribbon. I wrapped the hoop in some extra black and white fabric that I had, then fabric glued the lace and ribbon onto the hoop. I hung the hoop using string and a hook. Super easy, and only about $15.00.



It’s dreamy. And I like it.



The Christian Graduate Student

The mountaineer badger

The mountaineer badger


Blotchy,  disconnected, rough edges of my thoughts of being a graduate student thus far:

“If I were in full time ministry, it would be easy for me to see how my life is ministry. I can see how my day to day activities are ministry. Culturally, I can connect the dots to my eternal significance…”—Journal excerpt

Honestly, I struggled quite a bit with the decision to attend graduate school. I was strongly encouraged to go into full-time ministry. Growing up, too, I had just assumed that I would end up in missions, or something related. And then Jesus put in me a fascination with the learning process.  And completely paved the way and directed me to Madison, Wisconsin. And so here I am. And here i’ll very likely be for the next 5 years. And i’m completely confident that i’m in the center of God’s will here.  But there’s still a lack of understanding of how i’m fulfilling the Gospel in while studying for exams.

If there’s nothing sacred about how I conduct my work (research, interact with my cohort, teach my students, and administer assessments) then it’s true that only my “explicitly Christian” activities welcome the Kingdom. Meaning that only 10% (max) of my life has eternal significance. And Christianity itself is largely irrelevant.  But the God I serve demands all attention.

“…do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father, through him.”

–Colossians 3:17

“It’s a ridiculous & disbelieving thought process to refuse to believe that God can maximally work in me in my current situation. Jesus is never not dwelling in me.” –Journal excerpt

This idea to see every waking minute of graduate school as an opportunity to usher in the goodness of God is not the norm. For me it’s a daunting thought. And I can’t fully mentally connect the dots, of how spending a day reading journal articles is as valuable as a day of “ministry.” It means that i’ll be desperate for the hand of God to make my life fruitful. I will be fully relying on the Lord’s presence to make my time as a graduate student “full time ministry.” Which I think is exactly where God wants me to be.

That’s where I am now.  This is going to be a journey of understanding how everything I do can be God-saturated. If you are a full-time Kingdom welcomer in the secular workplace or graduate school, i’d love to hear your thoughts.

With Love,


Being a big kid with a mailbox!

Being a big kid with a mailbox!

A transformed lens.

Snippets from my journal yesterday:


Lord, this true understanding of transformation is new to me. Of being in the world, but not of it. Of setting my mind on things above. Of continuing to study and earn a degree, work and become financially stable, to build friendships, all the while with only one thing mattering.  To truly know you and make you known. In the midst of career choices, bad grades, sickness, successes, and moving, marriages, debt, and a multitude of other decisions, still this one thing matters. To know you and make you known, today. 

It makes life so beautiful. Because you are found in all things. And our purpose is found in all things.  In transitions, and ordinary days, and struggles, you are to be known (and praised).  With the right lens, you cannot be missed.

Lord, i’m unbelievably horrible at daily walking in the gracious though that to joyfully know & make you known is my prize. Transform my lens. Help all of my “successes” and “failures” blend into a gray. And make vibrant in my eyes my life’s work: knowing and proclaiming the depths of your love.