I See attle.

I spent this last weekend in Seattle at a Child Development conference.  It was great to attend Symposia related to school psychology, as well as spend time with other faculty and students from WVU.  I (fortunately) had a layover in Chicago, which (unfortunately) turned into quite the delayed layover, putting me at my hotel in Seattle at 4:00 a.m. (7:00 a.m. Eastern Time). So yes, I was quite literally sleepless in Seattle. Seattle was lovely, lots of rain, lots of Starbucks.  Below are a few pics from my layover and Pike Place Market.

2013-04-18_20-13-54_279 2013-04-18_20-14-16_490 2013-04-18_20-14-50_780 2013-04-18_20-18-21_478

SeattleAs you can see, Wes and I covered a lot of ground during my layover. The Bean. Buckingham Fountain. A baseball game. And meeting a Jazz great. Okay, or we just ran around the airport taking pictures of the art in the airport.  Did we get you just a little bit?  Fun times :).  I hope your weekend was just as lovely, and a little less rainy than mine.




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