road trip rules



I’m sure that i’m not the only one who gets back from a vacation bubbling with new ideas.  A new haircut, workout regimen, reorganizing the closet, etc. I have post-it notes stuck to the door handle of my car (currently on the way back from Florida) with ideas of what to write about, accomplish, and save for.  Blogging more is on that list. So in honor of my road trip to Florida, I have compiled a list of activities and items that make road trips ROCK.

1. Stop for the weird stuff.

While driving through the desolate Upper Peninsula of Michigan last year,  Wes made an abrupt turn into a brightly coloured metal art outdoor museum. It was pretty crazy, a guy had just bought a big plot of land to display his metal sculptures for the public. Lakenenland, check it out.  This stop then spurred our stop for something cool policy, and we’ve now taken a detour to experience: a giant concrete gnome, a kick hiney flea market, and boiled peanuts.  If you need help finding great stops, check out  It’s full of quirky places!

2. Get to know the people in your car.

While visiting family in Des Moines, I purchased “4,000 questions for getting to know anyone and everyone.” The book is filled with questions about oral hygiene, childhood memories, and political views.  It’s offered hours of conversation, and has earned permanent residence in my car. If you don’t want to purchase a book, there are plenty of conversation starters online for freeeeeee.

3. Game it up!

And no, I don’t mean with gameboys. Find all of the license plates. Keep track of pdiddles. Play the ABC game. Guess the artist and song on the radio.  Bet on everything, then buy the winner Starbucks. On a recent road trip from Iowa to West Virginia, Wesley and I opted not to use a map or GPS, just for the heck of it.

4. Hit the road with happiness.

Although most (all) of my passengers don’t appreciate it, I prefer to start early morning road trips with a few songs :

  1. Good Morning (Singing in the Rain)
  2. Good Morning (Deliberate Kids)
  3. Good Morning (Mandisa & TobyMac).

Mostly, just love and invest in the people you’re around. Happy roadtripping!




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