String Art Fun!

Life has been flying by like crazzzzy these past few weeks. I’ve been getting back into the swing of school, interviewing for graduate school, and about to start working. I can’t believe January is already about over.  My school psychology graduate interview at the University of Wisconsin went very well, and I recently found out (two days ago) that I was accepted into their program. Yay! I loved their program and faculty, so that was exciting news. Also, Madison rocks. It’s right between two lakes, and has one of the biggest farmers markets in the States.

Since being back in WV, I have been a very crafty girl.  Wesley and I made the yarn art below during Christmas break. The project cost us a grand total of 50 cents. Heck yes. We used old wood panels from his parents, and roughed them up a bit. We then painted them with extra paint that was on hand. Kate, my younger sister, who is significantly more artistically talented than Wes or me, sketched the shapes. We taped the sketches to the wood, and then nailed the outline. Then we just randomly placed the string. So easy, and I really like how they turned out.




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