A Portuguese Holiday

A post about Portugal is very long overdue, so here goes, folks :).  Early on in the semester, Brooke and I found tickets to Porto, Portugal for only 17.99 pounds each way. Wowza! So without knowing literally anything about Porto, we booked the flights. When we arrived in Porto, we quickly realized that yup, there most definitely was a language barrier. After deciphering the metro ticket sales, we headed to our ahmaaaazing hostel.  Porto is a gorgeous city on the coast of Portugal. It’s famous for its port wine, massive bridge, and beaches. Brooke and I decided to take it easy on this holiday, and spent a lot of time in cafes, with my favourites being the ones on the beach. We also toured an old wine cellar, had an excellent wine tasting class, and got a tour of the city. The sun was out most of the days and felt absolutely wonderful to soak up. Good ol’ vitamin D.  While Porto’s buildings were breathtaking, Portugal is very culturally different from England. There were no chain stores or restaurants anywhere, and there were abandoned buildings everywhere. Definitely would be different to adjust to if you moved there full time.  But we headed back to London after five days. Here are a few shots of the extended weekend.





Be home in 9 sleeps!,




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