Prayer While Abroad

Hello Friends,


The two week count down starts today, and I’ve assembled a little list of things that i’d really appreciate if you prayed for me during my time abroad. It’ll be a big change, and i’d love to know that I am being covered in prayers.

  1. Safety. I’ll be doing alot of travelling by myself, both arriving to and around England. I’d really like to avoid  any scary situations.
  2. New Relationships. I don’t know anyone in Hertfordshire, and i’ll be staying in an eight person flat. I’m really looking forward to building new relationships, and I ask that you would pray for boldness for me, as I begin new friendships. Pray that God puts people in my path both who I can bless, and who can bless me. I really want to be Jesus to those around me.
  3. Mental Sanity :). From what i’ve heard, being abroad can sometimes be emotionally trying, so while a little homesickness won’t kill me, I’d like keep my wits about me.
  4. Growth in Jesus. I really want this experience to deepen my knowledge and love for God and his people. It’ll be very different not being in a Christian community, but good to live among people who will likely be very different from me. I think this temporary displacement will serve me well.